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Lucha Underground >> Season 3

Lucha Underground Season 3

1. Wheel of Misfortune
2. The Amulet
3. Ultimate Opportunities
4. Brothers in Broken Arms
5. The Prince and The Monster
6. The Open Road to Revenge
7. Payback Time
8. Gifts
9. Loser Leaves Lucha
10. Ready for War
11. Aztec Warfare III
12. Every Woman is Sexy, Every Woman is a Star
13. Breaker of Bones
14. The Bulls of Boyle Heights
15. En La Sombras
16. The Battle of the Bulls
17. The Gauntlet
18. Evil Rising
Next Episode: All Night Long... Again
(Scheduled to Air Date: 18 January 2017)
Next Episode: Sudden Death
(Scheduled to Air Date: 25 January 2017)
Next Episode: The Cup Begins
(Scheduled to Air Date: 01 February 2017)
Next Episode: Family First
(Scheduled to Air Date: 08 February 2017)
Next Episode: Macho Madness
(Scheduled to Air Date: 15 February 2017)
Next Episode: Left for Dead
(Scheduled to Air Date: 22 February 2017)
Next Episode: A Fenix to a Flame
(Scheduled to Air Date: 01 March 2017)
Next Episode: Fade to Black
(Scheduled to Air Date: 08 March 2017)
Next Episode: Booyaka! Booyaka!
(Scheduled to Air Date: 15 March 2017)
Next Episode: The Hunger Inside
(Scheduled to Air Date: 22 March 2017)
Next Episode: Bloodlines
(Scheduled to Air Date: 29 March 2017)
Next Episode: The Cup Runneth Over
(Scheduled to Air Date: 05 April 2017)
Next Episode: The Cueto Cup
(Scheduled to Air Date: 12 April 2017)
Next Episode: Havoc Running Wild
(Scheduled to Air Date: 19 April 2017)
Next Episode: Career Opportunities
(Scheduled to Air Date: 26 April 2017)
Next Episode: Cien
(Scheduled to Air Date: 03 May 2017)
Next Episode: The Rise of the Ring Announcer
(Scheduled to Air Date: 10 May 2017)
Next Episode: Ultima Lucha Tres: Part 1
(Scheduled to Air Date: 17 May 2017)
Next Episode: Ultima Lucha Tres: Part 2
(Scheduled to Air Date: 24 May 2017)