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The Royal House Of Windsor

The Royal House Of Windsor

The first episode in an epic six-part series that tells the gripping family saga of the world’s most famous dynasty over the last 100 years. Based on new evidence from archives around the world and the Queen’s own personal family archive held at Windsor, the series provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight into how the Windsors have weathered four generations of crisis, and the secrets of their survival. This episode reveals fresh insights into how George V rescued the monarchy by dumping their German roots and rebranding the family as quintessentially British, until his wayward son Edward VIII nearly brought the dynasty crashing down with the abdication crisis, only for his stammering younger brother Bertie and his wife Elizabeth, the current Queen’s mother, to step in and save the day. In July 1917, Britain was at war with Germany and hatred of all things German, including the royal family, was rife.
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