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Teacup Travels

Teacup Travels

Whenever Charlotte or Elliot visits their Great Aunt Lizzie, there's always going to be a story and a cup of tea. "But first we need..." "The Teacup!" Lizzie has the most extraordinary collection; every cup unique, each with a picture of an ancient artefact; a reminder of an adventure way back in the mists of time. She is so good at telling those tales, with descriptions so vivid, that Charlotte and Elliot can't help but imagine themselves long ago and far away, in Great Aunt Lizzie's old battered boots. Every object is inspired by a genuine museum artefact.
Teacup Travels Categories
Teacup Travels Season 1 Season 1 (7 Episodes, 76 links)
Teacup Travels season 2 Season 2 (1 Episodes, 10 links)
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