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Race Of Life

Race Of Life

In the animal kingdom, each day is a battle for survival, and rushing to stay one step ahead of predators is a tiring job…as the sun rises the race begins all over again. Each week, Race of Life shows you the animals that have adapted and evolved to survive in their environments and keep predators at bay. Whales, for example, have evolved from the land-dwelling creatures of millions of years ago to the marine mammals you know today. Over the course of their evolution they developed thick layers of blubber, modified lungs, and sensitive hearing to ensure their survival in the dark depths of the ocean. Desert animals, such as scorpions, have evolved to handle the heat in the desert. They are one of the most ancient creatures on Earth, and their bodies are armoured to protect them from predators – and the sun. With two pincers at the front and a poisonous sting at the end of their…
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Race Of Life Season 1 Season 1 (8 Episodes, 120 links)
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