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Mysteries at the Museum >> Season 12

Mysteries at the Museum season 12

2. Kidnapped Filmmaker, Pinky's Freedom Ring and The Checkered Game of Life
3. The Spy That Saved Washington, The Monster in the Egg and Hatfields and McCoys
4. Kensington Runestone; Smile! You're Being Hijacked; and Harriet the Spy
5. Boston Marathon Cheat, Beast of Bodmin; and the Naked President
6. Death of the Ice Cream Blonde; Finding Nessie; and World's Worst Opera Singer
7. Man on Wire, Bigger Is Better; and Filipino Follies
Next Episode: Hedy Lamarr's Escape; The Kray Twins; and Maco Light
(Scheduled to Air Date: 20 October 2016)
9. Big Eyes, Magnetic Girl and the Half-Safe