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Mysteries at the Museum >> Season 11

Mysteries at the Museum Season 11

1. Episode 1
2. Man Who Saved the World, Man in a Box, From the Depths of Hell
3. Yellow Fever Fiend, Angel in Bordeaux, Invention of Jaywalking
4. Episode 4
5. Father of the American Cavalry, Rosa Parks of NY, Black Knight UFO
6. World’s Greatest Slot Cheat, Urine Luck and the White Mouse
8. Death of Michael Rockefeller, The 68 Salute and Andes Rugby Crash
9. Ben Franklin's Bones, Heroine of Flight 847 and Doctor Zhivago Pilot
10. Millennium Heist, New Jersey Man Eater And Elivs Meets Nixon
11. Flight of the Bell; Arsenic Soup Plot; and Spring-Heeled Jack
12. Flight Of The Bell, Arsenic Soup Plot And Spring-heeled Jack
13. Hank Williams, Glowing Soldiers And Iceman Cometh
14. Miracle on the Hudson, For the Love of Lady Liberty and Dawn of the Synth