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Mysteries At The Castle >> Season 2

Mysteries At The Castle Season 2

1. Dracula; Queen and the Mistress; King Arthur
2. Henry 8th; Bannerman's Castle Curse; Mechanical Turk Hoax
3. Faust; Pirate Queen; First Versailles
4. Green Lady, Count of Monte Cristo, Robin Hood
5. House That Saved a King; Joan of Arc; Hamilton Sex Scandal
6. Royal Baccarat Scandal; Soleste and Moroello; Franz Ferdinand
7. Book Escape; Anne Greene Miracles; Hemingway's Cent
8. Book Thief; Bigamist Duchess; Patent-ly Absurd
9. Martin Luther Kidnapping; Witches of Belvoir; Secret Queen
10. The Real Beauty and the Beauty; Birdman of Scotland; Master of Disguise
11. Irish Art Heist; Dickens Affair; Prince of Porcelain
12. Making of an Artist; Secret Sonar; Fairy Flag
13. Channel Crossing; Royal Matchmaker; Boettcher Kidnapping