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Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters

Chupacabra, Wampus Beast, Wolfman, Mothman and Grassman - with a distinctive landscape of woods, lakes and valleys, the Appalachian Mountains are a hotbed for mysterious creature sightings. The leading researchers of these shadowy figures are The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS). The team, founded by John "Trapper" Tice, is skilled in hunting and tracking using both traditional techniques and modern technology. Their mission is to interview witnesses, investigate the scene of the encounter, and eventually capture the creature... or prove its non-existence.
Mountain Monsters Categories
Mountain Monsters Season 1 Season 1 (3 Episodes, 12 links)
Mountain Monsters Season 2 Season 2 (13 Episodes, 52 links)
Mountain Monsters Season 3 Season 3 (15 Episodes, 110 links)
Mountain Monsters Season 4 Season 4 (13 Episodes, 200 links)
Mountain Monsters season 5 Season 5 (7 Episodes, 84 links)
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