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Martin Kemp's Detective

Martin Kemp's Detective

Martin Kemp’s Detective tells the stories of some of the most puzzling murders and how determined detectives never gave up their search to find their killers’ victims. This series highlights that murder isn’t choosy, it can strike anyone and anywhere, from college sweethearts to a millionaire’s wife. Things aren’t always what they seem. Only the most dedicated detectives are able to sift through the complex clues and uncover the reality, and Without their hard work, there would be no justice for the victims and those who loved them. Homicide detectives are used to seeing violent crime, but some of these cases have the ability to shock even the most hardened officers. Every crime leaves clues. It takes a detective to decipher the story they tell.
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Martin Kemp's Detective season 1 Season 1 (1 Episodes, 12 links)
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