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I Own Australia's Best Home

I Own Australia's Best Home

Architect Nick Tobias and interior designers Tim Leveson and Gillian Khaw spend 24 hours in some of Australia's most exceptional homes. Over 9 spectacular episodes 27 diverse homes are visited across the country: one house per host, per show. These long stay visits allow the hosts to connect with the owners and see first-hand how well the homes function for them and their families. Everyone chosen has an interesting story and an intrinsic connection with the architectural heritage or design of their homes. Each week the 3 houses are voted on by the public until the 10th episode when the 9 finalists are whittled down to a top 3. Then independent expert judges decide which of the finalists best deserves the winner's title. It's this owner who grabs a $30,000 prize for their charity of choice while declaring: 'I Own Australia's Best Home'.
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I Own Australia's Best Home Season 1 Season 1 (10 Episodes, 130 links)
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