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House Of Anubis

House Of Anubis

An American girl Nina Martin comes to the house of Anubis. Suddenly Joy goes missing the same day Nina arrives. Nina bumps into an old lady from the old peoples home called Sarah, who gives Nina an amulet and tells her to find the treasure. Suddenly everything changes and the mysteries are starting to unfold and questions are staring to be asked. Is Joy actually dead? Is Sarah from the old peoples home actually Sarah-Frobisher Smith? Does this amulet contain magical powers?
House Of Anubis Categories
House Of Anubis Season 1 Season 1 (60 Episodes, 356 links)
House Of Anubis Season 2 Season 2 (88 Episodes, 532 links)
House Of Anubis Season 3 Season 3 (41 Episodes, 66 links)
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