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Gok's Lunchbox

Gok's Lunchbox

Hosted by fashion expert and food enthusiast Gok Wan, Gok’s Lunchbox is a new lunchtime cooking show that sees three food-lovers go head to head to create the best dish. In the 10 x 60′ series, Gok delivers three identical lunch boxes to the doorsteps of three budding home cooks, with the challenge to out-cook each other using the mystery ingredients inside. With Gok overseeing and offering his cooking tips along the way, the contestants will have one hour to show off their culinary prowess and deliver a worthy meal. However unbeknown to the cooks, all three of the dishes will then be trialled and critiqued by their loved ones who nominated them to decipher who will win the £250 cash prize.
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Gok's Lunchbox Season 1 Season 1 (10 Episodes, 160 links)
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