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Gogglebox Australia

Gogglebox Australia

The show about people watching TV. Created from hours and hours of footage of a "diverse" group of regular Australians sitting in front of the TV and just being themselves. From the official site:- "Gogglebox is a weekly observational series which captures the reactions of ordinary Australians as they watch the nightly news, argue over politics, cheer their favourite sporting teams and digest current affairs and documentaries.". It might yet sound like watching paint dry yet it has become somewhat of a hit in its original version from the UK (since 2013) and has been made into a few other international versions. If nothing else it is worth a look to see if it really is just people sitting on a couch watching TV. And if that is better than anything else.
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Gogglebox Australia Season 3 Season 3 (13 Episodes, 190 links)
Gogglebox Australia Season 4 Season 4 (8 Episodes, 126 links)
Gogglebox Australia season 5 Season 5 (9 Episodes, 190 links)
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