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Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

Dr. Jeff's sharp surgical skills and philosophy of always putting animals first make him one of the busiest and most respected veterinarians in the country, and this powerfully poignant series captures some of the riveting real-life cases that come through his doors. Cameras reveal the often tense and chaotic atmosphere at Planned Pethood Plus with its continuous flow of urgent emergencies on top of scheduled appointments. Fortunately, Dr. Jeff's presence provides calm to his anxious patients and their human companions. His 25-plus years of veterinary experience guide an exceptionally skilled team of more than 30 veterinary experts as they respond to the frenetic energy with unflappable precision, compassion and speed. The staff works alongside and occasionally on top of each other as they juggle routine pet visits with several dozen daily crucial surgeries and emergencies.
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Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Season 2 Season 2 (11 Episodes, 173 links)
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