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Chopping Block

Chopping Block

In the 20 x 60′ series, ebullient top chef Rosemary Shrager and chef, food writer and TV personality John Whaite are running a one week residential cookery school. Each week, four competitive couples will face a smorgasbord of daily challenges. They all have a passion for food and want to be champion in the kitchen. But they won’t just cook together. They’ll also live together turning up the heat to boiling point. Each day the best couple will win a prize, but only the most improved will walk away with £1000 at the end of the week. The rest will end up on the Chopping Block.
Chopping Block Categories
Chopping Block Season 1 Season 1 (20 Episodes, 300 links)
Chopping Block season 2 Season 2 (18 Episodes, 212 links)
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