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Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada

The format for Big Brother in Canada remains largely unchanged from the U.S. edition, making them the only two version of the series thus far to follow this format. HouseGuests are sequestered in the Big Brother House without contact with the outside world. Each week, the HouseGuests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win food, luxuries, and opportunities to become the Head of Household (HoH) or win the Power of Veto (PoV). The winner of the weekly HoH competition is immune from nominations and nominates two fellow HouseGuests for eviction. The two HouseGuests nominated for eviction are also referred to as being "on the block" for eviction. After a HouseGuest becomes HoH, he or she is ineligible to take part in the next HoH competition. The winner of the PoV competition wins the right to save one of the nominated HouseGuests from eviction and take them off the block. If the PoV winner exercises the power, the HoH then nominates another HouseGuest to go ...
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Big Brother Canada Season 1 Season 1 (29 Episodes, 56 links)
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Next Episode Air Date: 01 May 2017
S05E21 - Head of Household #9; Nominations #9
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