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When a dedicated teacher and his family return to his childhood home of Beverly Hills so he can look after his ailing but still expansively vivacious mother, they all have to adjust: his athlete wife becomes personal trainer to the rich parents of their kids' classmates; their sensitive, talented theater geek daughter gets a job at the local cineplex and befriends a Jewish teen temptress who's a genius at self-promotion; and their confident, intelligent adopted son may find himself the subject of unwanted attentions, both romantic and small-minded. Annie and Dixon Mills move from Kansas to the very wealthy area of Beverly Hills, and begin attending the famed West Beverly High School in the 90210 zip code. They quickly encounter queen bee Naomi, rebel Silver, troubled Adrianna and others as the drama unfolds in 90210.
90210 Categories
90210  Season 1 Season 1 (24 Episodes, 122 links)
90210  Season 2 Season 2 (22 Episodes, 126 links)
90210  Season 3 Season 3 (22 Episodes, 130 links)
90210  Season 4 Season 4 (24 Episodes, 146 links)
90210  Season 5 Season 5 (22 Episodes, 140 links)
90210  Season 5 Special Season 5 Special (1 Episodes, 8 links)
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